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Paddon Rallysport Group

New Zealand’s leading motorsport team.

Established in 2006, Paddon Rallysport Group (PRG) have helped to successfully run Hayden Paddon and Hyundai NZ motorsport programs.

Paddon Rallysport are the sole authorised Winmax distributor in New Zealand. Working directly with the Winmax Japan factory since 2013, we are proud to be able to supply high-quality performance car brakes, race car brakes and rally car brake pads at competitive pricing.

Ultimately we aim to provide the best product at the lowest price to help each and every competitor so we can all do what we love – race!

Now based at the spectacular Highlands Motorsport Park, Cromwell (30min drive from Queenstown), PRG are now involved:

  • Running official Hyundai NZ Motorsport activities
  • Winmax Brakes NZ distribution
  • Engineering technology and motorsport solutions, including development of EV Rally Car
  • Servicing and repairs of race, rally and performance cars
  • Driver training
  • High-end engineering and data analysis using Ansys and MoTec software


Why Winmax?

Winmax is a premium performance brake pad for street, race or rally applications.

Thanks to our direct partnership with the Winmax factory in Japan we are able to offer world leading technology at extremely competitive pricing. See below for more information.


What are the benefits of an EV car?

We all know EVs are good for the environment, but that’s not the only reason to switch to an Electric Vehicle.

Performance and comfort, all while helping to reduce your carbon foot print. It’s the best of all worlds.

“With modern day technology in ICE cars, development is getting slower as we start hitting walls in how far development can go with the current technology. After some research, it’s very easy to see the capabilities of EV technology – both now and in the future – far outweigh ICE, in allowing the cars we drive to ultimately go faster.

Motorsport is about the business of going as fast as possible for an automobile, and EV technology is a new beginning for taking automotive performance to the next level.

– Hayden


Adrenaline tours

Paddon Rallysport is proud to be the distributor of Winmax by Paddon Rallysport Brakes in New Zealand, for street, club, rally and circuit applications.

Hayden first started working with Winmax in 2013 during his European campaigns and since has been involved in the development of different compounds.

Braking is one of the most important factors for driver confidence, which is why Hayden uses Winmax in all his WRC and cars around the world.

Benefits of WinMax Brakes


Many different compound options for different cars, different applications and different drivers.


Lower brake temp build up of pads, discs and callipers

resulting in less disc and pad wear, and consistent brake performance during longer periods of use.


Good initial bite and solid brake pedal feel for driver confidence.


Good braking from cold - giving confidence at the first corner