CCusco LSD Toyota/Subaru BRZ/GR86 2012+

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Type RS

The Cusco Type RS LSD had proved to be capable of competition use in the All Japan Gymkhana Championship without overhauling a single time during the season. With all drivers and teams finishing with good or championship results at the end of the season. According to Cusco’s in house research, initial torque is 50 to 70% lower compared to the conventional cone plate type LSD enabling lower drive friction and better response. Low power loss means better lap times for even the mild tuned of cars.

Chattering is kept low Improved durability as clutch plates are low pressured The LSD efficiency is higher with smoother oil flow between plates. Special precision springs, set in the pressure plate, assure steady coil movement Clutch plates do not stick together like conventional cone plate type LSDs. Therefore less clutch plate wear or deterioration occurs.

1.5 Way LSD Is effective when load is applied to the differential (applied throttle load), and is half-effective when load is not applied.

  • Cusco LSD will work when the slightest torque is applied.
  • Better transfer of power from the engine to the drivetrain with minimal loss of power
  • LSD chattering is kept to a minimum

Type MZ

Type MZ limited slip differential is designed where the activation pressure opposes the direction of the initial torque with the utilisation of the cone spring. The LSD operation first becomes engaged when the opposing pressures start working against one another.

The Type MZ features the highest rated initial torque rating than the rest of any other Cusco LSD models. This is due to the high pressure cone spring which engages full clutch pack lock at a linear rate.



  • 2012+ Subaru BRZ
  • 2012+ Toyota GR86