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Use the selectors below to identify the right compund for you.


Please use our interactive brake compound guide for our recommendation on what compound could be best for your application. This is only a guide, and we welcome you to contact us to discuss further.

Please note that if we don’t have the compound you wish in stock, we have orders arriving from Japan fortnightly that we can add to when needed. This also applies to any shape that we don’t currently list or have in stock – we are able to supply ANY shape brake pad for ANY application.

Use the selectors below to help you find the right brakes for your car and style of driving.

For further information or to speak to the team, contact:
[email protected] or
027 318 1748

Club Competitor

National Competitor

Performance Car

An overview of the compounds we stock:

  • W1 – Performance street pad, or track day car. Increased performance over OEM pads and work from cold.
  • W3 – Good level club pad for 2WD cars.
  • W5 – Perfect club pad for both 2WD and 4WD cars. Good consistent bite, low operating temp and good wear. Good upgrade from other club pads.
  • W6.5 – Very high initial bite and stopping power. Does increase temp. Very good from cold.
  • IP176 – A combination of both W6.5 and W5. Less bite than W6.5 (but more than W5), but lower operating temp like W5 for better wear.
  • WN3A – Premium range of pads, with different material base. This means higher bite, better pedal feel, better operating temps. This is a top end brake pad.
  • HD101 – Like WN3A, premium range pad but made for endurance racing, so longer lasting and more consistent in a high temp and long duration situation.

We can fine tune compounds based on driver/car feedback as required, as Winmax have available to us:
W1, W2, W2.5, W3, W5, W6.5, W7, IP176, WN1, WN2A, WN2B, RS336, HK625, HD101